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Benefits of Unlocked Cell Phones

All phones on this web page are carrier-unlocked and may be used with any GSM carrier that uses a frequency or band that this device supports. A SIM card and service plan must be purchased separately. The benefits of buying a factory unlocked phone include a higher degree of flexibility to change phones or cell phone providers, saving money, and staying away from contracts and hidden charges. One of the biggest benefits of a factory unlocked phone is the flexibility to change cell phone service provider when needed.
Unlocked cell phones are popular among users because of the flexibility and convenience that comes with them. With these phones, users have the option to change cell phone providers, resell their phones, and pay only for the features they need. This helps them save money in a big way, which is particularly useful for those who travel abroad frequently because they can avoid international roaming charges. 

This device's frequencies can be found in the product Specifications under Cellular Network. Your carrier's available frequencies may be found in the link below:

How exporters or international customers with a USA shipping address can buy from us?

We do ship worldwide, however our system is not ready yet to take orders with a USA shipping address.
If you want to ship to your Freight Forwarder with a USA address than you have to make the following simple steps to buy phones from us:

1/ Register on our web page providing your shipping address with phone number.

2/ Select the phone(s) what you are interested to buy.

3/ Click on "Add to Wish List"

We'll email a Quotation of the selected phones with the freight quote and the estimated delivery time.